Ashley Dieter - Core Curriculum Makeup Artist Instructor | Academy of Glam |Pro Makeup Artist Programs |So Florida
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Ashley Dieter – Core Curriculum Makeup Artist Instructor

Ashley Dieter.  The Beauty Architect.  Core Curriculum Instructor.


Just who can you trust to do your own makeup?  That’s an interesting question for a leading celebrity makeup like Victoria Duke.  Although Victoria spends the majority of her time perfecting the look of celebrities and beauty queens across the globe, there are times when she goes in front of the camera and has to rely on someone to do her own makeup.  For flawless perfection, demonstrating amazing technique and an unworldly ability to master light and dimension, Victoria often turns to none other than Ashley Dieter.  Victoria’s ah ha moment was the realization then there’s absolutely no one better than Ashely to teach aspiring makeup artists the intricate must have basics and foolproof techniques that she herself has truly mastered. Today, Ashley gives aspiring makeup artists a true foundation in classical, tried and true makeup artistry technique that cannot be duplicated.


With Ashley, you will master the important must have’s and how-to’s with ease.  From there, you’ll learn to weave and layer technical and advanced artistry skills that you didn’t know you had.  We know that being a great artist does not necessarily make a great artistry teacher. It’s rare to find someone who can share what they know in a way that builds confidence and technique at such a fast pace, thereby giving you the training and foundation for every future face you touch. Spend just one class with Ashley Dieter and you’ll quickly see that she is that rare blend of superstar artist in her own right and gifted educator extraordinaire!


We can’t leave out that Ashley is adored by AoG students not only for her ability to communicate and educate but also for being so much fun, and funny and keeping it all really real.


Ashley relocated to South Florida from Philadelphia where she was a top producing, lead artist for Mac in the tri-state area. Her plan was to build a life and freelance makeup artistry career in Miami and she quickly found success and developed multi-media credits which included commercials and productions, network TV, Fashion Week, high profile/celebrity weddings and contributing to magazines such as National Geographic and HerLife. Then she met Victoria Duke.  Victoria recognized her amazing talent and knew immediately that Ashley needed to be part of the AoG team so that she could share her knowledge, skill and talent with the world of artists everywhere. The rest is history. Ashley is now doing exactly what she loves and AoG students adore her too!