Deb Mellon |Marketing |Professional Development|Life Coach | Academy of Glam |Pro Makeup Artist Programs |So Florida
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Deb Mellon |Marketing |Professional Development|Life Coach

Deb Mellon.  The Sage.  Business, Marketing, Professional Development and Life Coaching.

When Victoria Duke set out on the mission of creating the world’s first boutique school of makeup artistry owned and operated by a top celebrity makeup artist, she vowed that the programs at AoG would provide a challenging, comprehensive education unlike any other of its kind. AoG is founded on Victoria’s finite vision:  to create a sense of community for makeup artists, a place where one can affect their spirit, find their purpose and build upon their own self-worth.


With that clear mandate in mind, Victoria tapped a leading Fortune 500 cosmetic industry guru in order to help deliver an unprecedented level of support, expertise and guidance for aspiring makeup artists at AoG.


That said, Deb plays a pivotal role at AoG and is fully committed to helping students obtain their unique definition of success. Her seminars on life coaching are all at once inspirational, practical and magical.


In addition to life coaching which is woven throughout the AoG programs, Deb also draws upon her extensive background and expertise to help empower students with business, marketing and professional development solutions. She is AoG’s industry coach and advisor, and her passion is the joy of helping others succeed in life and in business.


Deb has enjoyed more than 20 years of success leading the world’s top beauty companies including pioneering a brand for a $15 billion-dollar cosmetic giant. Her credentials also include being in charge of sales, training, communication and education for leading artistry brands.  In addition, she has traveled the globe developing cutting edge innovation, new business models and talent within the world of beauty.


Deb, now based in Fort Lauderdale is dedicated to helping people and businesses get results and reach their fullest potential. She works to empower entrepreneurs, brands, start-ups and professional makeup artists with knowledge, personalized solutions, fast track insider advice which is always well blended with a little touch of magic.


Victoria and Deb have been BFF’s for too many years to mention here with out them appearing older than their selfies.  We like to say that as Kris Jenner is known as the “momager”, Deb is know as AoG’s “friendager”.