Gina DeCinque. The Inspirationist. | Academy of Glam |Pro Makeup Artist Programs |So Florida
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Gina DeCinque. The Inspirationist.

Gina DeCinque.   The Inspirationist.    Art, Color, Light, Theory Instructor.


A great artist makes a great makeup artist. That’s a guiding principle belief of Victoria Duke and it’s why when creating the curriculum for AoG, Victoria insisted that appreciation and mastery of light, dimension and color theory stand at the core of AoG instruction. Yet, finding the perfect instructor to unleash one’s inner artist is a daunting task.


Enter Gina DeCinque.  Gina is the absolute perfect blend of award winning, certified art educator and top notch working makeup artist.  The programs that Gina has developed and teaches at AoG are unlike any in the industry. Through her vast experience as both an art educator and makeup artist, she teaches makeup artists to view their craft as a true art form. Her knowledge of art technique and how it overlays into the field of makeup artistry is unmatched. Always a highlight, Gina’s students are immersed in art appreciation, museum field trips, interactive workshops and self-discovery.


Gina studied art extensively in Paris and has 25+ years experience as a multi-media makeup artist.  Her broad body of work includes network TV, national ad campaigns and contributing to features in leading magazines.  Gina also served as part of national makeup artist teams for brands such as Lancome and stila.  As a certified art instructor, Gina enjoyed teaching classes in art and art appreciation through the Broward County (Fort Lauderdale) school system for 20+ years.


Gina’s warmth, patience and ability to communicate and deliver inspiring content make her a favorite amongst AoG students.


In addition to her credentials as a master art instructor, Gina is also an avid world traveler who is gifted in translating art and beauty through life experiences and cultures. She brings this home to AoG, where students learn to cultivate their own inner artist, with Gina as their personal guide.