The Dream Team | Academy of Glam |Pro Makeup Artist Programs |So Florida
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The Dream Team

Prepare to be ignited!

Our entire elite team of instructors, staff and photographers at Academy of Glam is laser focused on the mission: to develop you as a makeup artist, as an individual and as a brand.


Each member of The Dream Team has been hand selected by Victoria Duke based not only on their credentials and success but also on their strong ability to communicate, educate…. and inspire.


Victoria Duke has assembled a consortium of experts in order for students to master state-of-the-art techniques, develop world-class portfolios and cultivate their true potential in artistry and in life. At Academy of Glam, you will gain skill, knowledge and power with hands-on instruction by leaders such as top industry makeup artists, a Fortune 500 beauty industry executive, a leading social media strategist for millennials and our students’ favorite instructor, a multimedia celebrity makeup artist…Victoria Duke, herself!