Power Professional Weekend Class - Tampa

4-Day Accelerated Class

Academy of Glam is going on the road for the first time ever! We’re heading to Tampa, FL, from October 6-9 to give you the chance to meet and learn from famous celebrity makeup artist Victoria Duke. Whether you want to become a Master Makeup Artist or just master your own makeup, this epic 4-day glam retreat is the ultimate beauty boot camp, offering an exceptional experience and training by top industry professionals!

This accelerated pop-up course will cover the below modules and includes:

  • Professional Makeup Kit (valued at $800)
  • Personal Head Shot and 4 Professional Photo Shoots with Vogue published celebrity photographer Carlos Velez
    • If you’d prefer, rather than models, these photos can all be of YOU!
  • Celebratory Cocktail Party
  • Girly Glam Graduation Brunch

Seats are limited for this once in a lifetime experience – do what it takes to honor your calling!

This is what your portfolio will look like! All of these shots were taken by Carlos Velez, the professional photographer included in this class.

Class Modules

Here's The World Class Curriculum You'll Be Learning



Fundamentals of Makeup Artistry

Mastering the fundamentals of makeup artistry will become the foundation for building your success.

We believe that a great artist makes a great makeup artist.  Mastering the art of beauty make-up is an essential skill for all make-up artists.

This course is designed to perfect your artistic skills while building your ability to apply attention to detail.

Fundamentals of Makeup Artistry becomes your solid foundation in mastering basic techniques of make-up application and is a key requirement for moving forward into AOG’s  more advanced makeup courses.


  • Industry terminology
  • Art appreciation: museum field trip
  • Tools of the trade: proper use & sanitation
  • Skin: structure, care and preparation
  • Troubleshooting skin issues
  • Correct analysis of facial architecture
  • Contouring, shading and highlighting to correct or enhance facial shapes & features
  • Principles of color theory & skin tonality
  • Perfecting eyebrows
  • Application techniques for all products
  • Eye & lip shape correction
  • Clean & flawless beauty
  • False eyelash application
  • Diversity, women of color and mature skin 


Editorial & Print

At AoG, it’s no secret, we LOVE all things beauty. Creating beautiful images includes a carefully blended recipe of flawless makeup application, stunning models and top photographers as we set out to help each student build a world-class portfolio. That’s why we put great care in the curriculum for our course in Editorial and Print.  During our Editorial and Print course and photo shoot, students learn advanced artistry technique and utilize fundamentals and professional airbrushing to generate editorial quality photos.

In addition, the Editorial and Print photo shoot session is a replica of a true on set experience.

The Editorial and Print course curriculum includes:

  • Learning to increase your speed of makeup application
  • How to recreate a consistent look for all models involved
  • How to work well with and coordinate with hairstylists, fashion stylists and photographers
  • How to get along with and build strong relationships with a production team
  • How to read a lead artist’s face chart
Academy of Glam


Bridal Makeup & Guide To The Wedding Industry

According to Bloomberg.com the wedding industry is now at a staggering $51 billion.  It is not only growing, it’s booming according to a new report published at American Express. Align these hard facts of market sizing with the also absolute trend of almost ALL brides now see having a makeup artist for her big day a “must have”, and we know there is a true viable business opportunity for those with passion, skill and know how in beauty.

This is very good news, (actually it is excellent news) for any of us in the entrepreneurial makeup artist business or for those aspiring to be there.  If you’ve been wondering how to break in or maximize success in the bridal industry, this course is perfectly designed for you!

Taught by our top instructors who have already built success in the bridal industry, this course will empower you with knowledge and skills necessary to quickly build your share within a $50+ billion-dollar industry.

AoG’s Perfect Bridal Makeup. Technique, Trends & The Industry curriculum includes:

  • Achieving flawless bridal skin
  • Lighting. Indoor versus outdoor. Adjusting outdoors – makeup for morning, afternoon and evening
  • Classic and custom designed bridal makeup artistry looks
  • Application speed and quick change
  • Building PR with industry contacts and general public
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Marketing Tactics To Build Your Bridal Business
  • Assisting. Do’s and Don’ts
  • Rates, Contracts, Invoicing and Payment
  • Bridal photo shoot, guidance on bridal comp card creation and website


Marketing & Empowering Business Skills

This course is packed with critical information and applicable advice designed for the entrepreneurial minded as well as those looking to advance in the world of beauty within a cosmetic company or retailer.  In addition, the course covers key topics and specific actions to help you get ahead in life and business regardless of your career path.

Taught by a Fortune 500 cosmetic senior executive, you’ll be empowered in this session with insider advice and fast track tips that will help you grow beyond makeup brushes…so that you can let the beauty you love, be what you do.

This curriculum includes:

  • Developing your Power Package: Keys For A Competitive Edge In The Industry
  • What Matters Most: 5 Cornerstones of Marketing as A Pro Artist
  • Personal Branding
  • Social Media Best Practices, Business Building
  • Overview: 6 Key Areas To Target For Income
  • Print and Editorial
  • Film, Commercials, Video
  • Retail: Artistry, Sales, Management
  • Bridal and Special Events
  • Brands (cosmetic companies): Sales, Training, Freelance
  • Your Entrepreneurial Vision/Company
  • Industry Rate Charts
  • Developing Your Assets: Website, Portfolio, Comp Cards
  • Agency Basics
  • Winning Resumes In Today’s Job Market
  • Interviewing Tips: Get The Job You Want
  • Building Support: Your Network, Your Mentor, Your Coach
  • How To Prospect
  • Utilizing SMART goals
  • Where and How To Start


Vintage: Beauty Through the Decades

Top industry makeup artists often create drop dead gorgeous editorial and runway makeup looks inspired from decades gone by. This course explores the history of beauty through each decade, dynamic tutorials on specific techniques to achieve key looks in makeup and hair and culminates with a classic pinup photo shoot to build your diverse portfolio.

Vintage:  Beauty Through The Decades curriculum includes:

  • Understanding of the history of beauty in the US, circa 1920-1990
  • Technical application of all major trends through the decades
  • “How To” on mastering hairstyling for vintage
  • Vintage, pinup photo shoot


Life Coaching & Personal Development

The Life Course at AoG is unlike any other seminar in the industry and an absolute favorite of AoG students. This course focuses on expanding core life principles to help you in the world of makeup artistry and beyond:  Focus. Clarity. Direction. Purpose. Resilience.

Simply put, this course will walk you through a process of creative expansion and assist you in creating the best version of your life.

The foundation of this unique class doesn’t rely on makeup brushes, the latest contouring techniques or even top business advice to help build upon your dream and vision of your own future. Rather, the Life Course at AoG is solidly built on the guided principle of AoG founder, Victoria Duke. Victoria’s mantra, “At AoG, we weave life coaching into everything we do. We help empower people to succeed not just as makeup artists, but in life!”

We believe that one of the secrets to unlocking your full potential and discovering what sets you ahead of the competition lies in knowing exactly what you want your life to look like and more importantly, knowing precisely how living the best version of the life you want feels. That’s why half way through our Power Pro Masters Program, we purposely take a time out and focus on you and your big picture.  In The Life Course, the spotlight moves away from technique and business and shifts to you, your dream, your vision and supporting you in creating the future that you want.

During The Life Course you’ll discover The 6 Keys to setting your own internal GPS on course so that you’ll be aligned with what matters most to you.  There’s an old adage that states, “You’ll see it when you believe it” and another one that declares “You experience what you create.” The Life Course takes you on a journey of self-discovery so that you can begin to see precisely what it is that you wish to create and experience.

Packed full of creative exercises and empowering magical surprises, the Life Course at AoG is perfectly designed for anyone who is setting off in a new direction, needing a strong dose of self-esteem and courage or wanting to know how to simply build beyond their current level of success.

Dream. Believe. Create. Succeed.



Professional Airbrushing

This popular course is on the “must-have” list for all professional makeup artists that want to learn and/or further develop their airbrush skills.

With the guidance of one of the top-rated working makeup artists in the industry as your instructor, you will master the art of creating flawless skin with foundation, perfect the skills of highlighting & contouring and develop body defining techniques and more.

AOG’s Professional Airbrushing Curriculum Includes :

  • Proper use and maintenance of airbrush equipment
  • Foundation application
  • Highlighting and contouring
  • Learning the mechanics of airbrushing
  • Understanding the properties of the different types of airbrushing equipment
  • Being able to breakdown, clean and reassemble airbrush equipment correctly
  • Learning the skills required in the application of makeup with an airbrush
  • Having an awareness of the products available for beauty makeup and body makeup
  • Understanding the concept of masks, shields, templates and fiskets
  • Acquiring practical skills in airbrushing to do a complete beauty make-up
  • Acquiring the practical skills necessary to apply glamour and fashion make-up
  • Utilizing the airbrush as a tool for covering tattoos and discolorations
  • Developing time management skills with airbrush equipment


Class Dates, Times & Location

  • October 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th
    Friday to Sunday: 10:00am – 6:30pm
    Monday: 10:00am – 5:00pm *Brunch Included*
  • *Optional Airbrush Class available on Tuesday 10/10 from 10AM-6:30pm for $995 (includes airbrush equipment)

Location: Tampa, Florida (venue TBA)

Please speak with an admissions specialist to reserve your seat.


Open and Easy Payment Options

  • 4-Day Power Professional Weekend Course (Tampa Edition)
  • Includes Professional Makeup Kit, Professional Headshot, 4 Professional Photoshoots, Cocktail Party, Graduation Brunch

Course Price:

  • Early Bird Special (Register with a deposit before 9/15/17): $2595.00
  • Price After 9/15/17: $2995.00
We’re offering this one time low price to kick off our AoG World Tour! With convenient payment plans, it’s never been easier to join the #GlamFam and be part of an experience that will change you — not just through makeup artistry, but through life coaching, confidence building and motivation. *Bombshell Fitness Members and AoG Graduates have an exclusive price. Please inquire for pricing. 


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