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Our Philosophy


We’ve added another dimension to make-up education.

Academy of Glam is a one-of-a-kind makeup artistry power program. At Academy of Glam, you’ll train alongside renowned celebrity makeup artists, YouTube makeup tutorial stars, and Fortune 500 beauty business executives to master state-of-the-art techniques, develop a world-class makeup artistry portfolio, and cultivate your true potential as a makeup artist.

Academy of Glam is not a vocational school… we are a fertile breeding ground where you can explore and enhance your passion and skill as a makeup artist whether you are a working artist or simply natural-born makeup geek!

Academy of Glam is not a school of beauty. We are a Beauty Movement!

Our fun, hands-on tutorials are non-traditional; we’ve thrown out the books and usual lesson plans. In fact, our most important tools are not our brushes, it is ourselves. We believe that beauty starts within and radiates out. We believe you can only learn the dance steps so long before you need to get out and dance!