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Our entire elite team of instructors, staff and photographers at Academy of Glam is laser focused on the mission: to develop you as a makeup artist, as an individual and as a brand.

Academy of Glam instructors are part of the The Dream Team hase been hand selected by Victoria Duke based not only on their credentials and success but also on their strong ability to communicate, educate…. and inspire.

Victoria Duke has assembled a consortium of experts in order for students to master state-of-the-art techniques, develop world-class portfolios and cultivate their true potential in artistry and in life. At Academy of Glam, you will gain skill, knowledge and power with hands-on instruction by leaders such as top industry makeup artists, a Fortune 500 beauty industry executive, a leading social media strategist for millennials and our students’ favorite instructor, a multimedia celebrity makeup artist…Victoria Duke, herself!


Taryll Atkins. The Game Changer. Lead Makeup Artistry Instructor.

Taryll has a skillset that is almost impossible to find in the beauty industry. Not only is she a highly successful, seasoned working makeup artist, she also is a gifted educator, passionately committed to sharing her knowledge, expertise and of-the-minute techniques with aspiring makeup artists. She plays an integral role at AoG and has a track record of helping change lives.

Her high level of experience combined with her natural ability to connect, listen and educate with infinite patience make her an absolute standout for AoG students. Simply put, Tarryl believes in giving back and helping others grow and achieve success.


Alexandra McWilliams.  The Dream Connector. AoG Director of Admissions.

Victoria Duke’s right hand at AoG is truly Alexandra McWilliams. It could be said that if Victoria is the “soul” and visionary of AoG, then Alex is the “heart”.  Alex is most often the first person you will meet at AoG. Her warmth, kindness and uncanny ability to understand exactly where you are coming from is described as magical. It’s Alex that will help connect your dream, your vision of success as a master makeup artist with AoG’s unique programs. She not only is the person responsible for helping students begin their journey at AoG, she also works tirelessly to mentor and develop students during their time at AoG and long after they have completed the program.


Ashley Dieter. The Beauty Architect. Core Curriculum Instructor.

Just who can you trust to do your own makeup?  That’s an interesting question for a leading celebrity makeup like Victoria Duke.  Although Victoria spends the majority of her time perfecting the look of celebrities and beauty queens across the globe, there are times when she goes in front of the camera and has to rely on someone to do her own makeup.  For flawless perfection, demonstrating amazing technique and an unworldly ability to master light and dimension, Victoria often turns to none other than Ashley Dieter.  Victoria’s ah ha moment was the realization then there’s absolutely no one better than Ashely to teach aspiring makeup artists the intricate must have basics and foolproof techniques that she herself has truly mastered. Today, Ashley gives aspiring makeup artists a true foundation in classical, tried and true makeup artistry technique that cannot be duplicated.

Netta Nicosia

Netta Nicosia. Licensed Cosmetologist and Makeup Artist.

My name is Netta Nicosia. I am a fully licensed cosmetologist and makeup artist. I began working in a salon as a shampoo assistant in my hometown of Dania Beach at the age of 14. After less than a year , I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist . I decided to do the dual enrollment program during my senior year of high school . I attended Sheridan Vo-Tech at the age of 16. I received my diploma and license to do hair at the age of 17.

I spent years building my clientele , and evolving as not only a business owner , but also a woman.

I have always enjoyed working behind the chair. Hair color was my passion until I started doing formal hairstyling for weddings and events. I thoroughly enjoy the creativity I get to have with styling hair in updos.

I decided to attend Academy of Glam at the age of 33 so that I could add makeup to my already growing wedding business . It was the best decision I ever made . Since then my business continues to grow and at this time, I have a team of artists that I work with to accommodate any size wedding or events beauty needs . Academy of Glam also taught me the art of theater makeup, as well as face and body art.

I was asked to teach hair at AOG in 2017, and really enjoy being able to share my passion. The amount of flexibility that doing hair, makeup, face painting has giving me while being a mother has been incredible . The best part is I’m always challenging myself and my creative abilities and it feels amazing.


Daisy Correa.  The Indispensable Producer. Lead Instructor -Special Effects & Enrichment Artistry. Director – Photo Shoots & AoG Elite Models Program.

When you first meet Daisy, you’ll be immediately struck by her warmth and sincere desire to take care of your every need at AOG. As our lead instructor for Special Effects, students rave about our Miss Daisy, not only for her absolute dedication to assure each individual learns and masters the intricate principles of Special FX technique but also for her kindness, patience and dedication toward the performance of each and every student under her wing.

Daisy is indeed a unique find in our industry and AOG is fortunate to have her touch lives, build students’ expertise and help broaden their range within budding portfolios.

Deb Mellon. The Sage. Business, Marketing, Professional Development and Life Coaching.

When Victoria Duke set out on the mission of creating the world’s first boutique school of makeup artistry operated by a top celebrity makeup artist, she vowed that the programs at AoG would provide a challenging, comprehensive education unlike any other of its kind. AoG is founded on Victoria’s finite vision:  to create a sense of community for makeup artists…a place where one can affect their spirit, find their purpose and build upon their own self-worth.

With that clear mandate in mind, Victoria tapped a leading Fortune 500 cosmetic industry guru in order to help deliver an unprecedented level of support, expertise and guidance for aspiring makeup artists at AoG.

That said, Deb plays a pivotal role at AoG and is fully committed to helping students obtain their unique definition of success.


Gina DeCinque. The Inspirationist. Art, Color, Light, Theory Instructor.

A great artist makes a great makeup artist. That’s a guiding principle belief of Victoria Duke and it’s why when creating the curriculum for AoG, Victoria insisted that appreciation and mastery of light, dimension and color theory stand at the core of AoG instruction. Yet, finding the perfect instructor to unleash one’s inner artist is a daunting task.

Enter Gina DeCinque.  Gina is the absolute perfect blend of award winning, certified art educator and top notch working makeup artist.  The programs that Gina has developed and teaches at AoG are unlike any in the industry. Through her vast experience as both an art educator and makeup artist, she teaches makeup artists to view their craft as a true art form. Her knowledge of art technique and how it overlays into the field of makeup artistry is unmatched.


Ashley Schillaci. The Wow Factor – Hair and Lead Artistry Assistant:  Multi-Media, Special Photo Shoots and Bridal.

They say that big things come in small packages. Observe the talent of this demure 5’2” fireball of artistry skill, style creator and image maker and you’ll know the saying fits perfectly here.

At AoG, you’ll find that Ashley is always cool as a cucumber. She’s the one who keeps the steadiest hand no matter what is going on around her. With the patience of a saint, combined with an unwavering desire to help other’s master their craft, Ashley is a very valued presence within the AoG classroom. Students love how she enjoys working one-on-one with them, assuring that they build both confidence to succeed and master level technique.


Chloe Duke. The Millennial Mastermind. Expert Advisor:  Social Media, Marketing and Personal Branding.

It’s not just because Chloe recently graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida nor the fact that she presently is a social media strategist for one of the country’s top advertising agencies that we love having this whip smart dynamo as a regular contributor to our robust curriculum and programs. It also could be that she is a chip of the old block, and calls Victoria Duke, Mom.

Chloe is a highly talented millennial who understands today’s generation of make up artists..  It also helps that Chloe has been around make-up her whole life. She gets the business of beauty and enjoys helping students learn ways to leverage their own social media platforms. In a nutshell, students love when Chloe is in the house at AOG because she is young, beautiful, talented role model…and an amazing coach, mentor and inspiring educator.

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