Frequently Asked Questions

Is Academy of Glam a Licensed School of Makeup Artistry?

Academy of Glam commiserates your time at AOG by documenting your experience through high-quality, professional grade, portfolio pictures. To offer diplomas, certificates, or credits an institution must be recognized by the State of Florida as a licensed post-secondary or vocational school. Academy of Glam is not a post-secondary or vocational school. Our informal cutting-edge programs are specifically designed for a new generation of artists.

What are Your Entrance Requirements?

In order to enroll in any program or workshop, the participant shall complete an application, and include a non refundable application fee of $250.00 (the non-refundable $250 will be applied to your tuition in full). An additional deposit of $750 is required to secure your seat. (the $750 deposit is completely refundable if canceled within 14 business days prior to your registered course start date). You must also  provide proof of identity.
Our programs sell out quickly. For that reason and because both class size and overall number of programs is limited, it is recommended that the participant completes his/her enrollment process as soon as possible.

Is There an Age Requirement to Attend AOG Programs and Workshops?

All ages are welcomed to participate at  Academy of Glam. A high school diploma or GED is not required.

How Many Different Instructors Will Be Teaching During the Duration of the Program?

Academy of Glam is proud to provide students unprecedented exposure to top industry professionals, Fortune 500 cosmetic executives and leading educators in the field of makeup artistry.  Collectively our dream team has 200 + years of experience and the strong ability to communicate, educate and  inspire.  Depending on the AOG program you select, you can expect to work with 5-8 different instructors to ensure you experience a broad range of perspective including each different instructors experiences, technique,skill and insider knowledge.

How Long are the Workshops?

In 2017, AoG is pleased to provide a variety of programs designed to fit the needs of today’s working makeup artists, professionals and natural-born  makeup geeks!

Power Professional Masters, our signature program, meets evenings,twice per week plus every other Friday. The program is 15 weeks. FastTrack, is a condensed, edited version of Power Pro Masters and meets evenings, twice a week for 4 consecutive weeks.

SoBe Glam Experience is like a crash course in beauty, self-discovery , pro artistry and the magical glam experience of South Florida living. This program meets for 5 days and two evenings of pure fun and beauty.

Customized Packages – We also offer private instruction and customized modules of courses, tailored to precisely fit your specific needs, budget and time constraints.

What Happens If I Miss a Class. Can I Make It Up?

Special arrangements can be made on up to two missed photo shoots. If a participant misses the class that is the instructional portion to a photo shoot, he/she will not be able to participate in that specific photo shoot. If more than two photo shoots are missed, the participant forfeits those shoots from their portfolio.

Do You Provide Models for the Photo Shoots?

Yes! AOG hand selects and schedules the individual model for your every shoot! You are welcomed to provide your own model if you’d prefer – simply let our Production Coordinator know a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

Is There a Dress Code and If So, What Is It?

While we want you to always feel comfortable and at home at AOG, we ask that you come to class dressed in casual-chic style. Why?  Well, for starters, there’s always something happening at AOG! You never know who or what is going to pop in or happen at AoG. As part of the AOG family, that means you never know what opportunity might present itself to YOU, here. That’s why we want you to feel prepared and “on set”.  For that reason too, on photo shoot days, it’s required that you come dressed in all black with a full face of makeup on.  (You are often photographed on shoot, while you’re shooting!)

How Are the Images Selected for my Portfolio?

Academy of Glam relies on a team of in-house experts who will carefully select the best images from each of your photo shoots in order to build your outstanding portfolio.

What if I’m Having Trouble Understanding a Topic or Technique, Can I Take that Particular Class Again?

Yes, you can return to learn, anytime!  We care about you and your growth as an artist. We encourage you to learn, grow  and excel within each module and class so that you can master your craft. We also realize that once you learn the dance steps, you need to get on the dance floor and dance!  That’s why we also encourage you to practice what you are learning at AoG on friends and family ongoing!
That said, a very unique and special benefit of AoG is that once you are a participant in our workshops, you are welcomed to come back and take the instructional portions of the classes for an unlimited amount of time. In that way, AoG provides you with an unprecedented level of ongoing support throughout your future as a makeup artist.

Does Academy of Glam Offer Job Placement?

While our program does offer practical, customized business and marketing development taught by a leading Fortune 500 cosmetic executive, Academy of Glam does not offer, nor promise job placement.
Additionally, as a student of AoG, you’ll enjoy exposure to our huge industry network. Students are encouraged to take advantage of postings within our closed social media information pages, and to further build relationships and opportunities within AoG’s network which includes industry professionals,brands, models, photographers, designers and other business leaders.

Is My Application Fee And Deposit Applied to My Tuition, And Are There Any Other Costs I Should Know About?

Yes. Both the application fee and your deposit which total $1000 are applied toward your tuition in full.  There are no other additional or hidden costs.

What Should I Bring On My First Day of Class? What Should I Expect?

The first day of class is beyond exciting for you…and for us!  You can expect a complete orientation, motivational words of inspiration from industry leaders and staff members and often…priceless advice from Victoria Duke herself. It’s also the night where you’ll receive the fabulous AoG Pro Makeup Artist Kit and the AoG Professional Artistry Manual as well as the program supplies and materials you’ll need.  Just bring your finest version of yourself, a pen and a highlighter.

Will There Be Tests and Homework Administered?

We believe that the only way to truly understand makeup artistry is to actually do it. Our workshops are designed to maximize your creativity and reinforce the skills that are demanded of today’s working makeup artists. Therefore your true ‘tests’ are each of your photo shoots which will showcase your comprehension and creativity.

Do you have any recommended accommodations for out-of-town students?

Yes. We have several affordable suggestions and will help provide solutions to fit your needs and budget. Please contact Alexandra McWilliams, Director of Admissions, directly for more information.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

  • Cancellations made up to 14 days prior to your scheduled group workshops will be refunded less the $250 non-refundable application fee. Private and Semi-Private workshops are non-refundable but can be conveniently rescheduled within 6 months of the cancellation date.
  • Cancellations made up to 14 days prior to your scheduled workshop will be refunded less $500 should you already be in possession of your makeup kit.
  • Makeup kits are non-refundable
  • Cancellations within 14 days of your scheduled workshop will be charged the full amount of your agreement. In the event you cannot attend and it is within 14 days of your workshop, you may apply the amount of the registration to another offering beginning within 6 months of the cancellation date or you may transfer your attendance by sending someone in your place.
  • Returned Checks will be charged a $30 NSF fee
  • If you must withdraw during a workshop and your account is in good standing, you will have the opportunity to join a future workshop of the same type and complete the AoG experience. Based on availability.
  • From time to time program schedules may need to be adjusted and changes to published workshop date or times, including start and end dates, may be made by Academy of Glam. Academy of Glam will notify customers as soon as reasonably possible. Changes to schedules do not constitute a change in the terms of this agreement.