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Makeup Tutorial


26 Jan Calling All Makeup Lovers: This One’s For YOU!

Calling all makeup lovers in South Florida!  Academy of Glam's Special Open House with Celebrity Makeup Artist Victoria Duke is an event you don't want to miss! On Thursday, February 9th at 7pm, AoG opens its doors and heart to all who are passionate about makeup, makeup artistry and the world of beauty!  Did we mention this event is FREE? Makeup Lovers of South Florida:  Come Experience The AoG Magic.   Academy of Glam is not a vocational school at all. In fact, AoG provides a breeding ground for creativity and is home to up and coming multi media makeup artists and working makeup artists. It's also "the" destination for makeup lovers, makeup addicts and general makeup geeks! At AoG,  you'll find you'll be inspired to explore and enhance your own passion and skill level as a makeup artist. [caption id="attachment_16055" align="aligncenter" width="800"] We love the work done here on this Editorial Photo Shoot! Student makeup...

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