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Best Advice From A Celebrity Makeup Artist


This is our first blog post here at Academy of Glam and we’re excited to share best advice from a celebrity makeup artist as well as some of our secrets of beauty and transformation that go on behind the doors at AoG.  We get asked all the time to share and we believe that knowledge is power. We want to help you!  That’s why we’ll use this blog to write about what’s happening inside the magical world of beauty created by the founder of Academy of Glam, Victoria Duke.

Helping aspiring makeup artists to live their passion is the foundation of AoG. That’s why life coaching is woven throughout the powerful programs at Academy of Glam.

It’s also why we’ll use this space to share the success, accomplishments and beautiful work of so many student artists who have become our family.

It’s Not a Beauty School It’s A Beauty Movement.

We aren’t bragging but we literally travel the globe working with the world’s most beautiful people, top photographers and industry experts. We’ll fill this blog with expert advise for aspiring makeup artists across the world. It’s our hope that even though you may be far away, you can draw inspiration, knowledge and strength in all things related to makeup artistry, beauty and in designing the life you want to live. 

The Secret of AoG Makeup Artists:  It’s Not Just About Learning The Dance Steps!

So today’s first post won’t be about contouring, light, dimension or the psychology of creating true beauty with makeup (all things we are definitely passionate about). What is the secret that allows some makeup artists rise to the top of their field and enjoy all that comes with it?  Here it is folks. At AoG, we believe there is more to becoming a great makeup artist than knowing how to apply eyeshadow or creating flawless skin. We have world-class experts here that can teach even the most novice of aspiring artists.

How Do You Define Success As A Makeup Artist?

Yet what sets AoG apart is a way of teaching and truly reaching people so that real-world experience and real life coaching blend perfectly. Success in the world of beauty as a makeup artist is as much about building inner confidence as it it in knowing how to apply makeup like a pro. It’s about knowing your own power. We’ve learned to practice what we preach. For all of us who’ve experienced AoG, it is about living with beauty, inspiration. transformation and expanding education. 

Best Advice From A Celebrity Makeup Artist: It All Starts with YOU!

On the note of practicing what we preach, Victoria Duke herself said it best at a recent national makeup artist forum.  As a celebrity makeup artist, she is a dynamic mix of entrepreneur, education, life coach and motivator extraordinaire.

Here’s what Victoria had to say:

“If it lights you, move in that direction. If it drains your life force, move away. Trust your internal GPS. Instinctively….you know. Stay close to the light. Surround yourself with positive people. Fuel your body with the right foods and your spirit with things you are passionate about. It will keep your energy vibration high and allow you to be more powerful and productive in every relationship in your life. Happiness, success, health and love require effort and living with intention. Put your energy in the right things and the right people. Start with YOU!”

                                                                                                                                ~Victoria Duke


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