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Make It As A Makeup Artist: Advice From An Expert

Victoria Duke:  She Knows What She Knows In the World of Beauty


Victoria Duke has a unique star quality about her and a track record in the industry which means in the field of beauty experts…she  really knows how to make it as a makeup artist.

She’s a dynamic mix of entrepreneur, educator, life coach, and motivator extraordinaire who wears different hats on different days. Some days, she’s an in demand top celebrity makeup artist, serving her A-list clientele a mixture of potions and perfection that only she can create. Some days, she is the magic behind the scenes of the world’s most winning beauty queens. Whether Miss Universe, Miss USA or her other 100’s of pageant clients, her technique and her gift of uplifting everyone she touches, assures that every client steps out of her chair feeling a little taller and knowing that no matter what…they are a true winner, and always victorious in the game of life.


Victoria Duke at her studio at Academy of Glam.

Academy of Glam. It’s Not a school of beauty. It’s a beauty movement.


And on most days, Victoria Duke is running the top place in the country for makeup education, Academy of Glam, located in South Florida. At Academy of Glam, Victoria is the founder and hands on creator who blends a curriculum that includes core fundamentals of artistry and advanced skills and training. The course also includes some form of Victoria’s own life skill magic, which is way beyond traditional life coaching.


Students at Victoria Duke’s Academy of Glam gain real world experience on location and take advantage of Miami’s industry network.

It’s in this magic formula that Victoria has proudly helped launch and nurture the budding careers of countless aspiring makeup artists. For these reasons, Victoria likes to say that Academy of Glam is NOT a school of beauty, it is a beauty movement.


So on this day, we set out to ask Victoria to speak here to aspiring makeup artists everywhere and give advice on just what makes a makeup artist a winner, and by that we mean…why are some pro makeup artists talented and highly successful, and then why are some very talented and yet not so successful. We’d like advice on how to really make it as a makeup artist.


Question to Victoria:  What would you say is the most important aspect for someone who wants to create success as a working makeup artist in today’s market?


Master Your Craft. Learn From The Best.


Victoria Duke, second row, far left left with her staff at Academy of Glam

Victoria Duke, second row, far left left with her staff at Academy of Glam

Victoria:  It’s not just one thing that makes some people highly successful as a makeup artist. it’s a combination of really mastering several key areas in order to finally arrive or feel you’ve made it as a makeup artist. First, for all of us, I think it’s important to realize that the pictures and images that we all love on Instagram are not always real and are often edited and photo-shopped to death.

That’s not really makeup artistry. Real makeup artistry is about the absence of light and true dimension. It’s about art. That’s why I believe teaching others that the very first lesson as a makeup artist is to truly master core fundamentals. Everything else with regards to technique and skill builds from there. Who you are learning from matters too. Find the best instructors and the best mentors.

I’d also say to further make it as a makeup artist:  Dedicate Yourself to Your Craft.  Practice, practice, practice. Give it your all…and then do some more. Remember, if you do more than expected and you’ll get more than expected.


Highly Successful Makeup Artists Know How To Connect With Others.


The second most important aspect to make it as a makeup artist today, is to connect with others. That’s so key on so many levels. This is what I see that sets truly successful makeup artists apart from others. They have the ability to “connect” with…everyone.


Learn How To Really “See” Your Client. Train Yourself to Find Beauty in Everyone.


Building rapport with your clients is priceless.

I tell my students on day one, learn to look. Learn to really see. Really look at the client or the model or whoever is in your chair. Learn to see her beauty, her magic. When you extend yourself toward your client, your client will connect with you. This is often the secret of building your career, building more business.


There is Power In Positivity. Let Your Positive Light Shine and Attract the Right Opportunities.


Connecting with others is also key for networking and can lead to getting jobs that you want. Makeup artists who are warm, friendly, kind, funny and also who have charisma, style and confidence move up quickly and attract opportunities. Think about it, people are attracted to people they want to be with. Same holds true for forging ahead as a makeup artist.


Question to Victoria:  What advice do you give your students that helps them create the life that they want as a makeup artist?

 Well, I say this to my students.  At Academy of Glam, I’ve worked hard to give you top notch dedicated instructors. I’m proud to have created the best curriculum which is designed by pro makeup artists for artists. I think student artists should have access to real world experience like working runway and Fashion Week, even as students. That’s why we offer that opportunity at Academy of Glam. And, I think everyone should get that chance, not just a select few.  I also wanted to create exposure for aspiring makeup artists by hiring a leading Fortune 500 senior executive in the industry to help contribute to our program.

You’ve Got To Get Out On The Dance Floor, and Dance!


But the truth is this. With all that said, I know I can teach you exactly where to apply eye shadow and it’s really not that difficult. Yet, you can only do the dance steps so long before you have to get out on the dance floor and dance!


We Can’t Have Paralysis By Analysis. Take Action. Small Steps, Every Day.


What that means is that it’s up to each person to take action towards their dream. You have to get out there and make it happen! To that end, we have an entire seminar built around programming your own internal GPS, which means to realize how important it is for us to be confident and comfortable in our own skin. It’s vital and important to know how success “feels” for each person. It’s individual and it’s personal.


If You Haven’t Made a Vision Board…You Should.


We weave life coaching for makeup artists into everything we do. We have a night where we make vision boards, and do mind movie meditations. I believe that vision boards work, not necessarily because of the “law of attraction” but more likely that when you are tuned in to exactly what you want as an end result, you are more likely to take the important steps forward to help you arrive at exactly what you want.


You Have the Power to Make It Happen!


Everyone has a calling. Honor Yours.

So my short answer to this question on living the life you want would be….

Know what you want. Then take action each and every day toward what you want. The love affair of your lifetime starts inside you!


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